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LylesMD has one goal in mind, and that’s creating a healthier you.


At LylesMD, we coordinate your care to shape a practical and personal plan specifically designed for you. Through tests, screenings and consultations, we focus on the importance of maximizing a plan for you to live better. We concentrate on prevention with precise medical assessments and consultation that helps you understand your current health status and address any immediate concerns with a goal of your good health.

LylesMD focuses on your total health and well-being. While it does address illness, it places an overall importance on wellness. Creating an awareness of the importance of engaging in regular physical activity, following a nutritious diet, knowing family history, getting enough rest and maintaining an overall health lifestyle is key.

Annual Physical

Thorough, detailed and time-intense annual physical examination and evaluation that leads to specific recommendations to achieve better well-being and a confidence in the direction your health is heading. Allow a half day for the examination and discussion of findings and goal setting.  Annual physicals with Dr. Lyles are required for all patients even if “executive” physicals are done elsewhere (Mayo Clinic, Cooper Clinic, etc.)

Screening Cardiovascular Testing

Screening cardiovascular testing that includes ultrasound of the heart (echocardiogram), ultrasound of the carotid arteries in the neck (the “stroke” arteries), and exercise stress testing.

Health Screenings

Health screenings that include vision, hearing, lung capacities, and measurement of basal metabolic rate.

Detailed & Up-To-Date Lab Testing

Detailed and up-to-date lab testing for predisposition to heart disease, cancer, and metabolic health problems.

Physical Conditioning & Exercise Evaluation

Physical conditioning and exercise evaluation by an exercise physiologist, along with detailed exercise program.

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition consultations by professional and experienced registered dietitians in the areas of weight control, gastrointestinal problems, cholesterol management, and diabetes.

Mood Screening

Mood (psychological) screening.

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