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About LylesMD

At LylesMD, we coordinate your care to shape a practical and personal plan specifically designed for you. Through tests, screenings and consultations, we focus on the importance of maximizing a plan for you to live better. We concentrate on prevention with precise medical assessments and consultation that helps you understand your current health status and address any immediate concerns with a goal of your good health.

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LylesMD focuses on your total health and well-being. While it does address illness, it places an overall importance on wellness. Creating an awareness of the importance of engaging in regular physical activity, following a nutritious diet, knowing family history, getting enough rest and maintaining an overall health lifestyle is key.

We offer private, unrushed healthcare that promises to be unlike any you have experienced before.

Patient Information

Boyd Lyles, Jr. MD, is an internal and preventive medicine specialist and the medical director at LylesMD.  Our staff is composed of medical and wellness professionals who understand how to help people take control of their health. We are prepared to tailor personal action plans that will enable each patient to live a healthy life today and minimize the risk of serious health problems in the future. By providing 24/7 access to a doctor, personal health plans, and modern technology, we are able to provide our patients with a “small town doctor in the big city” experience.

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Our Mission:

The mission of LylesMD is to evaluate, design, and coordinate the individual care of our patients.We focus on prevention and early detection to help patients understand and appreciate their current health statuswhile guiding them through the coming years.

Our Philosophy:

Unrushed Healthcare

Today’s health care tends to be delivered by high volume providers which often sacrifices the personal touch and caring that most people want from their medical professionals. LylesMD offers private, unrushed healthcare that promises to be unlike any you have experienced before.

Good Medicine Is...

Good medicine is so much more than retrospective “damage control.” Our personal health and well- being impacts our mental clarity, confidence, job performance, life enjoyment and longevity.


The physical examination becomes a benchmark, and the doctor-patient relationship becomes an ongoing resource for trusted information. Specific needs will be identified and realistic goals will be set. Every individual leaves with powerful knowledge and a concrete plan of action.


Short term, prevention is a small investment in time and money and long term it provides dividends in healthy benefits. Good health is an asset that does not depreciate over time.

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